Principal's Message

Billanook College’s Principal, Roger Oates, talks about the school in regular video logs which are created, directed and produced by our team of Middle School Technology Champions.

Principal's Message 33 - Social Media

Principal's Message 32 - International Program

Principal's Message 31 - Pastoral Care

Principal's Message 30 - Discovery

Principal's Message 29 - Personalised Learning

Principal's Message 28 - ANZAC Day

Principal's Message 27 - EXIT Week

Principal's Message 26 - Mastery Centre

Principal's Message 25 - MyConnect

Principal's Message 24 - Discovery Centre and Induction

Principal's Message 23 - The Year That Was

Video Log  22 (Vlog) End of Year Events

Video Log  21 (Vlog) Discovery Centre Building Progress

Video Log  20 (Vlog) An Insight into Australian Politics

Video Log  19 (Vlog) Volleyball State Champions

Video Log  18 (Vlog) Aspire Program

Video Log  17 (Vlog) Social Justice and Awareness

Video Log  16 (Vlog) Working Hard

Video Log  15 (Vlog) The Discovery Program

Video Log   (Vlog) Prep Tree Planting Ceremony

Video Log  14 (Vlog) Introducing Mr Nick Owen - Head of Middle School

Video Log  13 (Vlog) Induction Assembly

Video Log  12 (Vlog) Pioneering

Video Log  11 (Vlog) A Christmas Story

Video Log  10 (Vlog) Christmas Carols and Market

Video Log  9 (Vlog) Strategic Building Development

Video Log  8 (Vlog) The Discovery Centre


 Video Log  7 (Vlog) Grandparents and Special Friends' Day

 Video Log  6 (Vlog) - Transition


Video Log  5 (Vlog) - Meet our Technology Champions

Video Log  4 (Vlog) Deputy Principal, Mrs Cheryl Mutabazi

Video Log  3 (Vlog)

Video Log  2 (Vlog)