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197-199 Cardigan Road
Mooroolbark, Vic 3138
Telephone: (03) 9725 5388
Fax: (03) 9725 8556
Billanook College ABN:  37 005 705 555



Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School:

Head of Middle School:

Head of Primary School:

Director of Learning:

Chief Financial Officer:

Manager of International Programs:


Staff Contacts

Staff Name


Rosslyn Abbey

Teacher - Mathematics

Jhana Allan  Music Tutor - Strings 

Jenny Baensch

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

Nathan Baird

House Co-ordinator - Weeks, Teacher - Performing Arts

Allison Ball  College Psychologist 
Lachlan Barratt  Music Tutor - Guitar 

Mark Batten

Teacher - Mathematics (on leave Term 1)

Tim Baum  House Co-ordinator - Walling (Acting), Teacher - Business Studies 
Georgina Bennett  Public Relations and Marketing Manager 

Daniel Berry 

Music Tutor - Drums 

Sue Bidwell

Administrative Assistant - Transport, Curriculum and International

Lex Bishop 

Learning Assistant - Technology

Rebecca Boag 

Business Services Support Officer 

Glenn Booth 


Greg Booth


Judi Booth

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

Maria Borghesi

Technical Services Librarian 

Maria Boucher

Learning Leader - English 

Lisa Bowring  Teacher - Human Movement  

Vincent Bradley 

Teacher - Performing Arts and Media, Piano Accompanist

Kate Bresnahan 

Learning Assistant - Primary

Terri Broughton 

Administrative Assistant - Middle School 

Nicholas Brown

Music Tutor - Guitar

Hayley Bullas  Outdoor Recreation Trainee 

Melissa Canty

Head of Year 11

Fiona Carnell

Learning Leader - Discovery, Learning Leader - Languages (Acting)

Louise Carroll

Teacher - Year 2 

Simon Carter

Music Tutor - Lower Brass

Dianne Castles

Learning Assistant - Visual Arts

Lisa Cauteruccio  Learning Assistant - International Program 
James Chew  Teacher - Visual Art 
Roxanne Chung  Homestay Officer - International Student Programs 
Rachel Clark Teacher - International Student Programs 

Peter Clarkson

Learning Leader - Humanities

Lynda Clerke

Administrative Assistant - Wellness Centre

Brian Coffey  Maintenance 

Jacqueline Coffey

Head of Year 7 (Acting) 

Catrina Coraci

Administrative Assistant - Senior School

Carolyn Corless

Administrative Assistant - Primary School

Paul Cotton

Learning Leader - Performing Arts

Leanne Crome

Teacher - Science 

Maree D'Angelo

Administrative Assistant - Performing Arts

Christine Dashper 

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre 

Kathryn Davies

Head of Year 7 (on leave Terms 1 and 2)

Martin De Clercq

Head of Year 10

Gabriel de Guzman

Learning Leader - Journey

Sharon DeKoning

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

Pamela Dennison

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre 

Melissa Diston

Head of Year 9

Claudia Dittloff

Teacher - Languages

Monica Dorn

Teacher - Food Technology

Tanya Downs  Teacher - Primary STEM  

Rowena Eefting 

Teacher - English 

Melinda Etherson 


Thibaut Favalessa

Music Tutor - Piano 

Paul Fielding

Learning Leader - Mathematics

Sunny Ford

Music Tutor - Voice

Emma Freeman  Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre 
Murray George

House Co-ordinator - Wurundjeri, Teacher - Humanities

Katie Gleeson  Teacher - Science 

Katherine Goeree

Teacher - English and EAL

Jacinta Graham  Teacher - Languages 

Robyn Green

Student Placements Officer - EXITs and Exchanges

Arlene Hadlum

Learning Assistant - Early Learning Program

Wendy Hands

Senior Finance Officer

Pam Hardwick

Library Assistant

Debra Harrison

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

Andrew Harvey

Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor

Lynne Harvey

VASS Co-ordinator and Assistant to the Learning Office

Casey Hawley

Learning Leader - Assessment and Reporting

Geoff Hedges 


Jennifer Heffernan

Learning Leader - Support Education

Kirstin Hellemann  Assistant - Canteen 

Gregory Hill

Teacher - Technology

Charlotte Huang  Receptionist 
Kate Hutchinson  Sport Co-ordinator 

Ralph Judd

Teacher - Science

Ann Kane

Finance Officer - Accounts Payable

Debra Kane 

International Student Programs Officer

David Kinnersley  Teacher - Mathematics and Science 

Linda Kitto 

Teacher - Science and Human Movement

Peter Krausz  Manager of Careers and VET 

Sharon Kropp

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

Tyson Legg 

Music Tutor - Voice 

George Leone  ICT Technician 

Steve Lingard

Manager of International Programs

Victoria Lok  Music Tutor - Piano 

Gayle Mackenzie

Teacher - Business Studies

Denise Macvean

Teacher - Support Education and English

Daniel Mamrot  Music Tutor - Guitar 

Colin Marriott

Teacher - Mathematics

Julia Martin  Teacher - Humanities 
Louis Martin  Teacher - Year 1 
Kate Matthews  Teacher - Year 4 

Jan McCalman


Susan McCormack  Teacher - English 
Laura McInnes  Digital and Publications Officer 

Maria McInnes

Admissions Officer

Linda McMahon

College Nurse and RTW Co-ordinator

Sam Millar  Learning Leader - Health and Human Movement 

Michael Miller

Head of Year 8

Jennifer Mills  Music Tutor - Strings 

Adam Mitchell

Teacher - Year 5

Paula Moore

Teacher - English and Humanities

Nicole Nash 

College Nurse and RTW Co-ordinator

Vicki Nation 

Teacher - Mathematics 

Dorel Nichilciuc


Kristine Niven

Marketing and Events Officer

Jo O'Rielly

Teacher - Mathematics and Science

Roger Oates


Meg O'Connell  Outdoor Education Group 
Carolyn Ondaatje  Music Tutor - Flute 

Louise Otto

Technical Services Librarian and Archives Assistant

Nick Owen

Head of Middle School

Bill Pedler

Finance Officer

Adam Popalzai

ICT Services Manager

Gemma Porter 

Teacher - Performing Arts 

Josephine Reed

Registrar and Personal Assistant to the Principal

Jennifer Rewell  Science Laboratory Technician 

Elaine Rippon

Teacher - Support Education and Mathematics

Mark Roberts

Learning Leader - Visual Arts

Sally Rochlin 

Music Tutor - Clarinet and Saxophone 

Candice Rulach

Head of Year 12

Olivia Rush  Teacher - Early Learning Program 

Kate Ryan

Teacher - Visual Arts

Richard Sallows  Risk and Compliance Manager 

Veronica Scopel

Administrative Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

Rita Setford

Learning Assistant - Technology

Jacinta Shannon  Teacher - Primary Performing Arts 

Mandy Shepherd

Assistant - Canteen

Tony Sheppard

Chief Financial Officer

Felicity Simons

Assistant - Canteen

Brenda Smith

Learning Assistant - Technology

Gareth Smith

Learning Leader - Teaching Operations

Hollie Smith  Teacher - Early Learning Program 
Nadya Smith  Finance Officer - Accounts Receivable  

Monika Socha

Teacher - Languages 

Andrew Spurritt

Centre Operations Officer - Alan Ross Centre

Wendy Squires

Library Assistant

Bronwyn Stewart 

Assistant - Canteen 

Caitlin Stewart  House Co-ordinator - Hovell, Teacher - Food Technology and HHD 

Deb Strudwick 

Teacher - Visual Arts 

Jacqui Swift 

Teacher - English and EAL

Sophia Teo  Teacher - Primary Indonesian 

Donna Temme

Work Education Co-ordinator

Daniel Thomas 

Head of Primary School 

Karin Thompson

Human Resources Manager

Mark Tomietto

Teacher - Year 6

Heidi Tringas

Learning Leader - Information and Resources 

Annalie Turner 

Teacher - Visual Arts 

Romy Turner  Learning Leader - Primary (Acting) 

Melissa Turton 

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre 

Robyn Van Leeuwen  Learning Assistant - International Student Program 
Belinda Vertriest  Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School 

Anita Volombello

Learning Enhancement Teacher

Lisa Wadsworth

Learning Assistant - Dame Phyllis Frost Centre

Blake Walter  Teacher - Primary Human Movement 

Johanne Waters

Manager - Canteen 

Lauren White 

Teacher - Prep

Kerrie Williams 

Manager - Uniform Store

Jason Wood

Learning Leader - Senior Studies

Martyn Wood

Learning Leader - Science

Matthew Wood

Director of Learning

Chloe Woodman  Teacher - Year 3 

Wayne Young

Learning Leader - Technology

Nancy Zammit  Teacher - EAL