All students at Billanook College are encouraged to seek the benefits of involvement in a broad range of extra curricular activities. Some of these are scheduled activities within the timetabled School day, while others may occur after School, on weekends or at other specified times during the College year.

Billanook College encourages students to enjoy the benefits of involvement in a vast array of co-curricula activities, such as Sport, Music, Drama, Adventure and Community Service.

The International Students are most welcome to join with local students in pursuing the great rewards of a balanced educational experience – one which fosters enjoyment of life’s opportunities to develop as a person as well as a student. The intrinsic value of team-work, planning and understanding of difference is carefully promoted through the vast range of co-curricula endeavours.

Specifically, students may choose activities from the following options:

  • Competitive Sports - played against students from other schools
  • Sport and Fitness Electives - a vast range of recreational activities to be enjoyed with other senior students, usually in the afternoon session on Wednesdays
  • Work Experience Placements - the opportunity to try a workplace in a given area of interest with a fully qualified worker or business owner acting as your mentor
  • Community Service Activities - volunteer work for many worthy community and charity organisations
  • Outdoor Education - the opportunity to enjoy many activities associated with Australia’s wonderful natural environment
  • National Travel/Cultural Appreciation - the opportunity to see other parts of Australia, including Darwin and the Great Barrier Reef, with other students and College Staff in holiday periods
  • Class Excursions - involving learning outside of the classroom
  • Study Camps - extending your studies in such subjects as Physics and Biology by studying with your classmates intensively off campus for one week
  • School Based Social Activities - including the Presentation Ball and community activities such as the House Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival and the House Music Carnival
  • Music Lessons in a variety of instruments or vocals - opportunities to join a band or ensemble at the College
  • Drama Groups and Plays/Productions - in and outside of timetabled classes
  • Creative Art Short Courses & Workshops - Annual Crescendo Art & Technology Exhibition

NB: Some of these optional activities will incur additional costs as outlined in such College documents as the EXIT Booklet. The financial costs associated with any of the above, forming part of the Compulsory Program for students, will be absorbed through the Administration Fee paid by all international students at Billanook College. Involvement in co-curricular activities at Billanook College assists all international students to develop skills, to acquire greater cultural understanding and to form friendships with other members of our College community.

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