From William Shakespeare to Tim Winton, from the Ancient world to the 21st century, the Billanook English student traverses the pathways of both traditional and modern language and literature throughout their education at Billanook College. Language, whether it be spoken or written, is the key to successful communication in the world today and students learn to create new worlds and explore old ones through the subjects of English and Literature. All students must ply their wits at English from Years 7 to 10, with a choice between English and Literature in the VCE Years. Within the English course students refine their skills as writers, speakers, listeners, thinkers, viewers and presenters. At Billanook it is a strongly held belief that English should be enjoyable and enriching; life changing. Engaging in the English language is integral to developing critical thinking and a sense of self. Through the exploration of text, oral text, film text, digital and multimedia texts, students develop critical thinking, autonomous learning and a sense of their own personal voice. Although time continues to unfold before us one sentiment can remain true,"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" (B. Franklin 1706-1790).

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