Human Movement

The Faculty of Human Movement is responsible for the administration, implementation and promotion of Physical Education and Sport throughout the College. Its focus is to promote involvement in regular physical activity among the students and to develop the competencies and attitudes required to be an effective, life-long participant in a range of activities. Students have the opportunity to be involved in Physical Education and Sport in all years from Prep to VCE.


The sport program at Billanook College provides opportunities for students across all levels of the school to be involved in friendly competition with other schools in and around our local community. In addition an established House Sport Program offers annual Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals to students across the school.

Secondary Sport

The Secondary School Sport Program takes place over three days each week, with students from Years 8 – 12 taking part in weekly home and away competition or a range of recreational activities.

Year 7 students are involved in an ‘in-house’ sport program that encompasses athletics, aquatics and fitness activities as well as Inter-house competition in a range of sports.

Year 8 - 12 students participate in the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne (EISM) sporting competition on a weekly basis, and also have the opportunity to choose a non-competitive, recreational activity. The year is broken into three seasons with students choosing (by preference) a different sport or activity in each season. Click here to view the EISM brochure.

The EISM program offers a broad range of sports for both boys and girls and takes place during the school week. For more information on the EISM program, fixtures and results follow the link below to their website: 

In addition to the EISM program students have the opportunity to choose a non-competitive, recreational activity that takes place either at Billanook or at a nearby facility. Recreational activities available to students include:

• Ten Pin Bowling
• Lawn Bowls
• Fencing
• Self-Defence
• Walking
• Yoga
• Gym Workout
• Archery

Physical Education

In Physical Education (PE) the focus remains on maximum participation in physical activity. Students engage in a broad range of physical activities and sports across Years 7 – 10, providing them with the best possible opportunity to become life-long participants in active pursuits. The focus throughout Year 7 – 10 PE is on personal health and wellbeing, teamwork, strategic thinking and communication.

Year 7 and 8 students engage in the following themed units:

• Invasion Games (e.g. Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Football)
• Striking/Fielding Games (e.g. Cricket, Softball, Baseball)
• Net/Wall Games (e.g. Badminton, Tennis, Table-tennis)
• Fitness
• Initiative/Teamwork Games (Year 7 only)
• Circus Skills (Year 8 only)

In these years the aim is to develop motor skills, movement skills and decision-making skills necessary to be an effective participant in a range of sports. Students are challenged through game play to think creatively about their involvement in sport and to apply tactical thinking in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Year 9 students participate in a range of Major Games units designed to allow them to apply the physical and tactical skills they have developed during Year 7 and 8. There is a more specific focus on common sporting strategies and skills. Fitness continues to be a major focus as students develop the ability to analyse their own personal fitness levels and devise ways in which they can improve.

In Year 10 students have an opportunity to select specific Physical Education units that best suit their particular interests and strengths. The Units available to students are:

• Fitness Improvement
• Community Recreation
• Umpiring and Refereeing
• Cheerleading
• Outdoor Adventure
• Sports Injury Management

Physical Education is also offered at VCE level, providing students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of physiological, psychological and sociological influences on their involvement and performance in physical activity.


Billanook Volleyball is a high performance program for boys and girls in Years 7 – 12. All students are invited to train and try-out for this program with training taking place on a weekly basis and competition being played at three levels:

• EISM Competition
• Weekly competitions held at Monbulk Secondary College (Middle School students only)
• Major Championships (State and National Championships)

Billanook Volleyball is highly regarded Australia-wide, and consistently places in the top five schools at the National Schools Championships. It employs highly competent and motivated coaches and requires a significant commitment from its member students. There are additional costs associated with involvement in this program.


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