Billanook College provides extensive career support for Years 9 -12.

This is delivered through:

  • Pastoral Program
  • Personal Enrichment and Religious Studies (PEARS) Units in Year 10
  • Continual one to one consultancy with each individual student

Careers Centre

Billanook has an excellent Careers Centre with information on thousands of jobs and their associated study and career pathways. This facility backs up the work done with individuals and classes and allows students to undertake their own detailed career research.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

Our support is tailored to the immediate decisions to be made. For example, Year 9 students need to make a career decision about Work Experience in Year 10. In Year 10, the decision is usually about making subject decisions which relate to a broad range of careers: usually ‘keeping doors open’. As Years 11 and 12 proceed, developmentally appropriate and specific decisions are the focus.

Full-Time Careers Counsellor

Billanook is rare in that it places such importance on careers that it employs a full-time, professionally trained Careers Counsellor – the only school in our region to do so. This enables students to gain access to professional help quickly. The Careers Counsellor is a reference for House Heads, teachers and other staff to consult on such issues as the implications of subjects on career choice.

The Careers Counsellor is also integrally linked to the subject choice process, both directly as an approver of subject choices and as an adviser to those approving the choices made by students.

Billanook College prides itself on the diversity of its outcomes – we prepare students as well for medicine as we do for carpentry. Our careers support develops self-awareness, decision making skills, awareness of the world of work and study, and transition to the next steps in life-long learning and career development.

The services of the Careers Counsellor are available to Past students and they regularly visit the College to meet with staff.