It is said that speaking a second language is 'a gateway to international opportunities'. In our increasingly multi-lingual world, more people speak two languages than one, and contact with speakers of other languages is rapidly growing. Indonesian and German are offered to VCE, and are compulsory to Year 8.

Language studies at Billanook College are engaging and responsive to students' abilities and needs, developing not only their language skills but their knowledge, understanding and the attributes necessary to be a 'global citizen'. This allows students to participate successfully and engage in local, cross-cultural and global communities. Our language classes are alive with the buzz of interactive activities which engage learners in simulated yet authentic experiences with native speakers from the local community. Opportunities to perform in Indonesian and German plays further hone speaking skills, e-learning in turn transports the students from the classroom to another world and opportunities abound to participate in cultural and international exchanges. The opportunity for language learning at Billanook College is out of this world!

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