Performing Arts

The Performing Arts - Dance, Drama, Media Studies and Music can be part of a student’s life at Billanook from Prep to VCE. The diversity of a Performing Arts classroom at Billanook is a reflection of the arts themselves. From the rigour and creativity of film editing and disciplined musical practice to the exhilarating feeling of satisfaction at the end of a performance, we aim to engage students on a passionate and creative journey.

Alongside the rich classroom program, the Billanook Performing Arts student can also connect with the breadth of Performing Arts experiences on many levels, for example, exploring technologies, rigging in the theatre, recording in our studio, costume design and creating live media events.

Within our classrooms, students undertake critical analysis, form aesthetic judgements, and develop an appreciation of the arts as fundamental to the health of any society. The Arts are integral to re-defining our value systems and exploring our ever changing cultural boundaries.

We value integrity and the process of creating within the Performing Arts. Our ability to ‘read’ the media and the joy of being swept away by music are key to a rich life. Our aim is to create opportunities in which students can believe in themselves as artists; to feel strong, independent and self-confident.

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