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Middle School Curriculum


The Years 7 to 12 curriculum framework at Billanook College is based on the premise that there are three components of any curriculum which are necessary to enable students to meet the demands of a modern, globalised, rapidly changing world. These three strands are:

  • Physical, Personal and Social Learning
  • Discipline-Based Learning
  • Inter-Disciplinary Learning

The curriculum has been designed to encompass each of these elements of learning to provide the most satisfying learning experience for each child.

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Middle School Discovery Program 

“Billanook graduates are well rounded individuals, resilient in the face of challenge, assured through a belief in self, with respect for others and acceptance of difference. Borne out of a strong sense of community, both local and global, they are caring and compassionate, not afraid to take initiative and ably equipped with the skills to do so.”

To reflect our vision of the Billanook Graduate, the Middle School curriculum is skills based which allows all students to show their capability and reach beyond their potential. Critical skills ensure all students are life-long learners. These skills shape the qualities of the “Millennial Learner”.

Our Middle School Learning Model sees the emergence of three distinct type of learning experiences for our students.

  •  The Mastery experience involves the in depth conceptual and skill based learning that come from key learning area studies.
  • The Discovery experience is about empowering students to leverage their innate and natural curiosity to learn both deeply and broadly. This opportunity is provided through activities such as Discovery Projects.
  • The Journey experience is about community and authentic learning.


 The critical skills identified for explicit teaching and learning at Middle School are:


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