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Learning Support and Enhancement

Support and Extension Education

Billanook’s campus features a purpose-built learning support and enhancement facility, the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (DPFC).

The DPFC is staffed by specialists in Support Education who design and develop personalised education programs for students with a diverse range of special needs. The Centre operates on the basis that all children can learn and should be given the opportunity to maximise their learning potential.

Both in and out of the classroom, students come to see that learning is an engaging, practical, ever-changing, continuous process. They draw on knowledge from one discipline to solve problems in another; they apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations in school, at home and in the community. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves and to know the satisfaction of a job well done.

The DPFC also provides support to the teaching staff through provision of information regarding the specific educational and emotional requirements of students and how best to meet their needs.

Our aim is to mainstream all children where possible and to provide the necessary support to enable effective learning to take place.


The College recently unveiled the new Centre which provides:

  • Significantly larger learning spaces
  • a state-of-the-art base for our students to flourish
  • multiple conference areas for small group work, tutorial and study
  • a flexible communal area for group gatherings
  • quiet, reflective spaces
  • designated meeting rooms for support group meetings and student conferences.


Dimensions – Enrichment and Extension Program

Dimensions is the name given to the program that supports gifted and talented students at Billanook College. The College recognises that all children need educational opportunities congruent with their level of ability in order to explore their individual academic gifts and talents.  To this end, a mixture of best practice programming options will be implemented for gifted and talented students, as well as high achieving students, which are appropriate for the individual’s skill and ability level, interest and readiness. The Dimensions Program has a full time staff member to work with highly able children from Prep to Year 12.

The Dimensions experience will be tailored to individual students and can include a combination of:

  • school-based and supplementary provision beyond the regular curriculum for highly able students
  • continuity of provision through the school, Prep – Year 12
  • identification and recognition of talents and gifts
  • recognition of, and support for, the challenges and needs at each stage of development, particularly at times of significant transition
  • access to dynamic, relevant and up-to-date programs that cater for individual differences
  • encouragement and support for individual gifts to be translated into talents
  • access to leadership and social skills development
  • monitoring of emotional welfare
  • access to both staff and student mentoring
  • the opportunity to work in small groups with other highly able students
  • enrichment and extension activities
  • liaison with parents
  • parent education and support


Faculty Programs for Highly Able Students

All faculties offer extension and enrichment programs across the year levels to cater for the needs of highly able students.

Parent Forums

Billanook understands that giftedness may bring a number of rewards and difficulties for both parents and children. Parents are encouraged to contribute actively to the program and meet on a regular basis to share ideas.

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