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Years 5-9 Academic Scholarships

2019 Years 5-9 Academic Scholarships

All Academic Scholarship applicants will be required to participate in the Scholarship Testing which will be held at Billanook College in February 2018. Based on the Academic Scholarship Testing results, students may be offered a scholarship.


General Information:

Scholarships are tenable for the duration of a student’s time at Billanook College. You may apply for both an Academic and a General Excellence Scholarship on the one application.

Scholarship Testing will be held at the College in February 2018 for all applicants.

The majority of Scholarships offer a remission of 50% of the annual Tuition Fee (Composite Fee not included). In some instances a larger or smaller remission of the Tuition Fee may be offered at the College’s discretion.

As a guide for 2017 commencement, students offered a 50% Year 7 scholarship were required to pay $11,250 for the year.  Please click here to view the 2017 Fee Schedule.


Please Note:

Academic Scholarships for Years 5, 6, 8 & 9, 2019 are not open to existing Billanook College students. However, Billanook College Year 6, 2018 students are invited to apply for the Year 7, 2019 Academic Scholarship. This Scholarship is not available to Full Fee Paying Overseas Students (FFPOS).

APPLICATIONS OPEN: Mid November 2017


For further information regarding Scholarships, or to register your interest, please contact our Registrar on 03 9724 1179 or email 

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