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A Billanook Education

Students belong and thrive at Billanook, thanks to our strong sense of community, our focus on the whole child and our provision of personalised learning experiences, delivered through our unique emphasis on Mastery, Discovery and Journey learning in our curriculum.

Our committed teachers encourage each student to explore their passions and to always strive for personal academic success.

Feedback from our community confirms the value of a Billanook education.

Billanook’s educational philosophy is supported by a curriculum which combines three distinct but interconnected types of learning experiences:

MASTERY experience involves in-depth conceptual and skill-based learning that comes from key learning area studies.

DISCOVERY experience empowers children to leverage their innate and natural curiosity to learn deeply and broadly.

JOURNEY experience involves community, growth, well-being and support for students. The three interwoven areas equip our students with knowledge, skills and attributes, to actively contribute to the social, economic and cultural identity of the community.

“With our personalised approach to education, the development of our learning environment and our simplified fee model, it’s an exciting time to belong at Billanook.”

Roger Oates, PRINCIPAL

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