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Senior School Co-Curriculum

Billanook College offers a comprehensive Co-curricular program for all students, helping to ensure the development of confident, well-rounded individuals. 

As a component of the Journey Learning experience, all students participate in learning that involves their community, personal growth and wellbeing.

EXIT Program

A key part of the Billanook Co-curriculum is the College’s EXIT Program

The EXIT program is the name given to the weeks set aside in the curriculum for students to exit the College and participate in a large variety of local, national and international experiences. An EXIT placement may take the form of an outdoor adventure, community service placement, International Round Square Conference or work experience placement.

Based on the IDEALS of Round Square, the program provides stepping stones for students to build their skillsets, based on:

  • International Understanding
  • Social Justice
  • Democracy
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service to Others

One of the many valuable aspects for participants is building a student profile which reflects practical involvement in the various components of the EXIT program. These experiences are documented and evaluated and the information included in a personal Student Credential Portfolio which is presented to each Year 12 student on leaving Billanook College.

Outdoor Education at Billanook

In the years leading to Year 10, Billanook students have taken part in a sequential Outdoor Education program that has, as its overall goal, the fostering of independence and responsibility. In Year 10, students have the experience, common sense and practical knowledge to be able to look after themselves in the outdoors, without too much input from group leaders.

Students in Years 10 and 11 have the opportunity to put all this experience into practice by taking part in an enjoyable program in which they have a far higher level of input. Of course there will always be instructors with the group, but their primary tasks are to maintain safety and to teach the skills and knowledge relating to that activity.

All Outdoor Education EXITs are planned to make the most of the best country Victoria has to offer and to give students the skills they will need to pursue this interest (as a recreation) later in life.

Outdoor Education is a compulsory component of every student’s Year 10 EXIT program. Students will be participating in a five-day bushwalk at either the Bogong High Plains or Wilsons Promontory. Hikes are planned to offer a variety of terrain and a degree of difficulty. Students can select the venue and level of challenge that best suits their abilities.

Year 11 students are encouraged, but not compelled, to select an Outdoor Education program. Students can choose from Surfing/Day Walking or Horse Riding if they have completed their Year 10 Outdoor Education Program.

If students want to take the ultimate step in Outdoor Education at Billanook they should consider joining ‘The Odyssey’ team. Following the principles of Kurt Hahn, the founder of Round Square, ‘The Odyssey’ is about the importance of persevering through tough times to achieve lofty goals. It is very hard going at times, but that makes the reaching of journey’s end all the more satisfying.

> Click here to view our EXIT Program Booklet

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