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The Learning Framework at Billanook College

Students at Billanook College are engaged in blended learning, involving extensive use of online learning applications, well balanced with more traditional teacher instruction, across all subject disciplines. With modern classrooms and excellent specialist learning facilities, the Billanook College campus is structured to provide every opportunity for students to achieve to their potential, as diligent, independent learners.

Students undertake the following elements of study at Billanook.

• MASTERY – Students develop key knowledge and skills within subject fields.

• DISCOVERY – Students develop independent learning skills.

• JOURNEY – Students develop broader life skills and greater awareness of themselves as responsible global citizens.

The College’s progressive curriculum is supported by small class sizes, allowing for intensive academic guidance of our Students by subject teachers.

> Curriculum Summary (Click Here)

Billanook College offers the Victorian Certificate of Education ( VCE ) as the high school graduation qualification. The advantages of the VCE include :

  • In excess of 40 VCE Subject choices at Years 11 & 12
  • VCE is an internationally recognized High School Qualification
  • VCE methods of assessment reward students for consistency of work effort
  • VCE offers opportunities for access to Accelerated Studies, ahead of Year level

Billanook College is extremely proud of the excellent academic results attained by our VCE graduates with in excess of 90 % of graduates each year accessing their  ‘Most Preferred University Pathway’ for further studies.

Billanook College is an Open Entry Independent School – firm in belief that all students, regardless of academic capacity, are deserved of excellent educational opportunities. Students are selected for enrolment based upon evidence of their willingness to attain their personal best results.

A Billanook College education provides an exciting range of co-curricular activities for international students – BEYOND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.

As a member of Round Square, an international association of schools, Billanook College believes firmly in the development of the whole person, through their educational journey.

Co-curricular Programs available at Billanook College include :

  • Sport – Competitive and Recreational
  • Performing Arts – Music, Drama and Theatre
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Community Service and Student Leadership
  • Clubs and Cultural Activities 

The unique EXIT Programme during Years 9, 10 and 11, enables our International Students to join with local students in community-based activities that enrich the educational journey, foster friendships and shape student character.

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