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International Application Process

Our Community and dedicated International Program welcomes students from all around the world

We look for applicants who have a strong commitment to their studies, who can contribute positively to the Billanook College community and who are eager to engage in co-curricular activities and give back to our community.

Billanook College welcomes email enquiries from International families directly, or via an Agent, regarding place availability and advice about the stages of a formal Enrolment Application.

Billanook College aims to provide prompt and clear guidance in response to all enquiries.

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The following documents must be submitted to commence the application process (Step 2 below)

  • Enrolment Application Form (click to download a copy)
  • A certified and translated copy of the applicant’s School Reports (last two years)
  • Passport or Birth Certificate as proof of identity
  • English Language Proficiency Assessment Report

Please note: Applicants / Agents may choose to submit all other documents prior to the Applicant undertaking the English Language Proficiency Assessment.


Requirement 1 : English Language Testing

English is the language of instruction in all subjects at Billanook College.  For academic success to be possible, it is essential that international students have proficiency in English language. Billanook College acknowledges the following modes of objective assessment of English language proficiency :

For details on the required levels of performance in each modes of testing please contact the International Students Program Manager : 

Billanook College reserves the right to waive formal assessment of English Language Proficiency on a case by case basis.


A student may be offered a place on the condition that they undertakes additional tuition in English (ELICOS) prior to commencing formal academic studies. The results of Progress Assessment in the ELICOS course and satisfactory completion of an entry interview and test shall form the basis of assessment of readiness for entry to mainstream studies at the College.

Billanook College currently accepts the following ELICOS Programs as suitable English language preparation programs :

The Manager- International Programs at Billanook College shall advise on the required duration of the ELICOS Program.

Entry Requirement 2 : Academic Results from Previous Studies  

Billanook College requires applicants to submit a Certified Copy of their academic transcript from the previous two years of studies. These records are required to evaluate the Applicants areas of greatest academic ability, as well as assessing the most appropriate level of entry into mainstream studies.

Applicants may also submit additional information, including certificates of achievement in academic areas or co-curricula activities, in support of their application.

Entry Requirement 3 : Satisfactory Completion of Application Interview

An Application Interview will be conducted by the International Students Programs Manager in the presence of the relevant Head of School. Such an interview may occur prior to the formal submission of all Application documentation.

Entry Requirement 4 :  Fees Schedule

The Annual Fees Schedule outlines all possible fees that are applicable to an international student enrolment:

  • Compulsory Tuition Fees
  • Compulsory Non-Tuition Fees
  • Non-compulsory Additional Fees

Please consider your capacity to maintain payment of these fees each year for the duration of your child’s studies at Billanook College.

2022 International Student Fees Schedule (Click Here)

Note the International Student Program Terms & Conditions (Click Here) for further details on the mode of payment and frequency of payment of fees at Billanook College. 

For a list of Agents Associated with Billanook College (Click here)

Please ensure you have read the International Student Terms and Conditions (Click Here)

For further information relating to our International Student Program, or to apply for enrolment, please contact:


Tel: +61 3 9724 4291

CRICOS No. 00131M

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