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International Student Enrolment

Our Community and dedicated International Program welcomes students from all around the world


We look for applicants who have a strong commitment to their studies, who can contribute positively to the Billanook College community and who are eager to engage in co-curricular activities and give back to our community.

International Student Application Process

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English is the language of instruction in all subjects at Billanook College, and for academic success to be possible, it is essential that international students have proficiency in this language. Billanook College acknowledges the IELTS Assessment or alternatively the standard test administered by Australian Education Assessments Service (AEAS) as measures of English proficiency. The cost of such testing is the responsibility of the student.

In situations where International Students can demonstrate a high level of English proficiency, Billanook College will consider accepting the student without undertaking an ELICOS course. This may involve the student being offered Mid-Year Entry Point at Year 10 or lower, in line with the academic year in the northern hemisphere school systems. Mid-Year Entry is not a practical option for study at the VCE level.

A student may be offered a place on the condition that he or she undertakes additional tuition in English (ELICOS) prior to commencing formal academic studies, if the result of initial testing suggests that this is necessary. The cost of such ELICOS tuition is to be met by the student and his or her family. Entry to studies at Billanook College may be subject to Satisfactory Progress having been made for the recommended period of time in the ELICOS. The results of Progress Assessment in the ELICOS course and an interview conducted by the Manager, International Programs and/or a qualified EAL Teacher at Billanook College will form the basis of assessment of readiness for entry to mainstream studies at Billanook College.

Advice on appropriate ELICOS schools can be provided by the Manager, International Programs or International Program Registrar at Billanook College.

International students should consult their Agent directly for advice on where to complete Assessment of English proficiency as part of the Application process.

For a list of Agents Associated with Billanook College (Click here)

Please ensure you have read the International Student Terms and Conditions (Click Here)


For further information relating to our International Student Program, or to apply for enrolment, please contact:

International Program Registrar


Tel: +61 3 9724 4248

CRICOS No. 00131M

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