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Pastoral Care

Billanook College aspires to create a future with our learners in a culture of challenge where learning is authentic and personalised, strong values are shared and building capacity is our focus.

Billanook recognises the need for careful Pastoral Support and we work closely in partnership with parents to ensure that every child feels confident and empowered to fulfil their potential.

The Pastoral Framework supports student learning (social, emotional and intellectual) to align with the our College Mission: to develop a dynamic, caring learning community which fosters the growth of the whole being of each boy and girl – in body, mind and spirit.

We have established a Pastoral Care model with a general school-wide design for improving learning outcomes.

A Head of Year provides leadership and management of the students in their Year level within the College Pastoral Framework, by overseeing and co-ordinating the curriculum, staff and resources within this area.

A House Co-ordinator is also responsible for the organisation and leadership of key inter and intra House events and the maintenance of House spirit and morale across the School.

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