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Early Learning Philosophy


Billanook’s Early Learning Program has been recognised as performing at a level Exceeding the National Quality Standards (as assessed and rated by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development).

Billanook’s Early Learning model performed particularly strongly in the areas of educational program and practice, health and safety, physical environment, staffing arrangements, and relationships with children.


   Seven Quality Areas (QA)

            QA 1     Educational Program and Practice

            QA 2     Children’s Health and Safety

            QA 3     Physical Environment

            QA 4     Staffing Arrangements

            QA 5     Relationships with Children

            QA 6     Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

            QA 7     Leadership and Service Management



The Billanook College Early Learning Program for three and four year old children invites them to participate in an open learning community where the natural wonder, curiosity and questioning of young children are guided through play to exploration and discovery, while they develop social connections.

We recognise every child will take a unique learning path during their growth and development. The Early Learning Program at Billanook College will nurture and develop individual needs, interests and abilities, whilst developing important communication and language (literacy) skills.

We have a strong belief that environment influences our wellbeing, so learning spaces are flexible and stimulating, and incorporate the natural world in a communal setting which is safe, secure and caring.

Each child will be supported at every stage of their learning and development, and will receive the personal care and attention required in order to develop their full potential. The Early Learning Program at Billanook College will provide a strong foundation for children to develop a sense of identity and wellbeing, and to become effective communicators, and confident and involved citizens who feel connected and will contribute positively to their community.



The design of our learning areas is far removed from that of conventional ‘box-like’ classrooms. Innovations in learning and teaching and the physical environment have grown out of contemporary understanding about children and learning, and from the school’s strongly-held belief that children have a right to the highest quality of social and learning experiences. The learning environment is a diverse and flexible area where learning and design are closely connected.

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