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Primary School Philosophy

Every child is individual, and needs to be treated as such. Our Primary School staff members pay particular attention to learning styles and personal growth so that each child can flourish.

We want your child to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually. That’s why we provide thoughtful, stimulating activities and enriching experiences that encourage growth and development.


The ethos of our Primary School is an education in, and respect for, the head, the heart and the hands. Respect opens the mind and we help your child understand and appreciate themselves and others.

Through Billanook’s affiliation with the Round Square program students are encouraged to achieve, Beyond Academic Excellence. They actively participate in school based projects which provide them with the opportunity to develop empathy, compassion and understanding of different groups within society, particularly those in need. Our Primary Leadership framework is built upon the pillars of Round Square:

•International Understanding
•Environmental Sustainability
•Service to Others

Billanook Primary’s pastoral program is underpinned by KidsMatter, a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive difference and to nurture happy, balanced kids.

The Primary School is where we build a foundation for a fulfilling education and life.  Our staff emphasise this through constant attention, care, and a desire to create life-long skills for your child.



The design of our learning areas is far removed from that of conventional ‘box-like’ classrooms. Innovations in learning and teaching and the physical environment have grown out of contemporary understanding about children and learning, and from the school’s strongly-held belief that children have a right to the highest quality of social and learning experiences. The learning environment is a diverse and flexible area where learning and design are closely connected.

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