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Towards 2030

As we commence this new year with a more optimistic outlook, yet a quiet desire for it be less disrupted than the past two, we are afforded some time to reflect and also to look forward.

In 2030 Billanook College will celebrate its 50th Anniversary – a significant achievement in the life of our School. From the initial vision of our Founders, the College has developed an enviable reputation in the education community as an inclusive School that values diversity and the dreams and aspirations of everyone within it.

With the 50th Anniversary clearly on the horizon it is timely that our focus points purposely toward this milestone. Hence our new Strategic Plan charts a course towards 2030 and in doing so articulates a clear sense of identity that is future focussed, along with the goals and aspirations that we have for our School moving forward.

Towards 2030 is a comprehensive strategic vision and plan which incorporates clear objectives and a detailed set of operational plans which will assist the College to successfully navigate the next stage of growth.

The College’s Strategy articulates five key objectives as well as clearly mapping out the operational tasks to achieve them. Towards 2030 provides us with a clear pathway forward.

The 5 key objectives:

– Educating for the Future
– Building Capacity in our People
– Developing our Learning Environment
– Strengthening our Financial Foundation
– Engaging and Connecting with the World


View the College’s Towards 2030 Flyer

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A clear focus on articulating a preferred future is critical for the success of any organisation and Billanook is no different. Respecting and honouring the leadership and vision of those who have come before us provides a strong foundation for Billanook to achieve this goal. Our deep understanding our identity, allows us to remain true to the course.

Our Strategic Plan and associated Operational Plans will ensure that Billanook College continues to provide our students and our Billanook families with the opportunity to shape their preferred future.

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